Our facilities are located in Badlapur, Thane, Maharashtra, Industrial Hub. Spread over 32500 sq feet, our facility has the capacity to process and manufacture 4 MT of rubber components daily. The facility is well equipped with Manufacturing & Testing.
Rubber Compounding
1.Raw Material Store

Storage and Inspection Area for the Incoming Raw material with Bar-coding system. 36 MT raw material storage capacity racks for storing Rubber and Rubber chemicals.

2.Batch Weighing System

FIFO based Issue control

Inventory of raw material storage management through Bar code technology. Ensures accuracy and mistake proofing in compound preparation. Tolerance control for accurate weights and batch integrity. Security and protection of the formulations.

No batch to batch variation

Material acceptance through QA – Lab integration.

3.Dispersion Kneader

This mixing technology give good dispersion properties, addition of chemical sequence is controlled by PLC Foolproof sequential charging of materials.

Controlled Time / Temp / RPM / Energy With no manual intervention, the mixed compound is directly dumped to the Stainless Steel Bucket conveyor to avoid contamination of any foreign particles.

4.Mixing Mill with Stock Blender

Mixing mill is equipped with a special stock blender for uniform mixing, improved dispersion of the chemical ingredients, reducing the cycle time & operator fatigue. Controlled Temperature and Cycle Time.

Strip off Cooling line made of Stainless Steel with the final collection of the strips in the Perforated Stainless steel trolley


Uniform thickness and width strip off Cooling line made of Stainless Steel with the final collection of the strips in the Perforated Stainless steel trolley.

Rubber Extrusion

Cold Feed Extruders

50/75/90 mm Cold feed extruders to process White, Coloured & Black components separately Continuous feeding of Uniformed Strips Online Marking System on the components Stainless Steel Material Handling System to avoid contamination.

Cooling & Cutting Lines

Cut to length operation of the tubes Stainless Steel Material Handling System to avoid contamination.

Rubber Vulcanising

Salt Bath Lines

Natural Gas heated salt bath line with controlled temperature accuracy of ± 1° C. Recycle & Reuse system for Salts Cooling & Cutting System for controlled length

Autoclave - PLC Controlled

Pressure and Temperature controlled by PLC, no manual interference. Quick Door Locking and Opening System to help faster production cycles. Hot Air exhaust system to have better working environment on the shop floor

IBR Boiler - Natural Gas Fired

Fully Automatic and Environment friendly fuel Super Saturated Steam

Rubber Moulding
Vacuum Compression Moulding

Vacuum compression molding technology substantially enhances the molding and product quality. We have multiple presses to meet customer’s requirements for various product sizes

Rubber Finishing & Inspection

Our skilled and proficient quality team conducts 100% visual inspection of the products with the aid of magnifying setup. We aim to achieve superior level precision and accuracy.

Finished Goods Store

Our Goods store is state of the art equipped modern age machinery and tools. At Amber Group, we give utmost emphasis on the finesse and overall functionality of our products. Hence, all our products are quality tested using magnifying setup.