Custom Molded Rubber Products

Custom Molded Rubber Products

Amber Group manufactures a comprehensive range of Molded Rubber Gaskets, which are used in various industry sectors and applications worldwide.

Our advanced Molding capabilities allow us to custom mold various Rubber Gaskets. Our Molding capabilities which includes Rubber Pre-former, Vacuum Compression Molding Machines provides molding seamlessly.


• Rubber Housing Seals

• Rubber Connector Seals

• Rubber Cap Seals

• Rubber Grommets

• Rubber Bellows

• Rubber Coupler Ring

• Composite Products

Materials – Custom Molded Rubber Products

Amber Group can produce your Custom Rubber Molded Products in wide variety of materials such as:


General Properties

NBR/Nitrile/Buna N Rubber

Excellent resistance to petroleum-based

fluids and good physical properties.

EPDM Rubber

Excellent ozone, chemical, and aging

resistance. Poor resistance to petroleum based fluids.

FKM/Viton Rubber

Excellent oil and air resistance both at low

and high temperatures. Very good chemical


VMQ/Silicone Rubber

Excellent high and low

temperature properties. Fair physical


Neoprene/Chloroprene Rubber

Good Weathering Resistance. Flame retarding. Moderate resistance to petroleum based fluids.

Chlorobutyl Rubber

Low gas and moisture permeability, good vibration damping, low glass transition temperature, excellent resistance to ageing and weathering

HNBR/Hydrogenated Rubber

Excellent heat and oil resistance, improved fuel and ozone resistance (approximately 5X)

over Nitrile Good abrasion resistance. Decreased elasticity at low temperatures with hydrogenation over standard nitrile.

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