Necessary Facts About Custom Molded Rubber Products

Custom molded rubber products are things that find utilization in every aspect of our life. Be it surgical medical equipment or be it a tube or tyre, they have endless utilization. Hence, whether we are rubber molded parts manufacturers or molded rubber product trader or users, there are some facts that we all should know. Here, we have enlisted a few of them:

  • Application: Let us start off with the most practical set of facts, which is the application of Custom molded rubber products. As mentioned earlier, they find usage in a lot of different fields. These includes:
    • Seals: Rubber is a soft polymer that has an ability to confirm and compress. This makes it the ideal choice for sealing when it comes to keeping out water, dust, other liquids and even harsh chemicals. Custom made rubber seals can have varied composition to suit the exact nature of the material to be sealed and prolong its life.
    • Noise and harshness management: Most heavy equipments and even day to day life equipments tend to create a lot of noise and operating them would have been a hassle. At times, it might even be harmful for the operators. Industrial molded rubber products have the ability to reduce this noise to a great extent.
    • Vibration Isolators: Rubber moulds can be customized for various parts of equipment like engines, pumps, etc., to isolate the vibration of each part and limit them to their own confines.
    • EMI Shielding Gaskets: Combined with conductive metals, rubber, specially silicone, can be used to make EMI Shielding Gaskets

  • Types of custom molded rubber:
    • Solid Rubber: These are impact resistant, dense and rigid products that are resistant to abrasion and are well suited for high pressure or load bearing equipments.
    • Sponge Rubber: They are the products in which air or some particular gas was introduced during the manufacturing process. This makes it less dense but more flexible, bouncy and cushioned. They are of two types:
      • Open cell: where the air pockets are connected.
      • Closed cell: where the air pockets are separated.

  • Custom Molded Rubber Manufacturing Methods: There are 4 different types of methods
    • Injection Molding
    • Transfer Molding
    • Compression molding
    • 3D printing of silicone: A newer technique.

The facts to know about custom molded rubber products are as vast as its application. However, as consumer we seldom know all of it. What we do know, however, is how to find out the best products supplier available. The quality, durability and versatility of the rubber products depend a lot on the manufacturer who is supplying it to you. Hence, researching the supplier thoroughly is as important as knowing your basics about the custom molded rubber parts.