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Rubber Gaskets/Rubber Washers for Drum Closures

Rubber Gaskets for Drum Closures   Rubber Washers for Drum Closures

Rubber gaskets/washers for drum closures are manufactured with the available varieties of synthetic rubbers like that of Nitrile (NBR), EPDM, LDPE (Poly), Neoprene, Silicon, Viton (FKM), Teflon.

Sizes of Rubber gaskets/washers:

Rubber gaskets/washers for 2" Flange

Rubber gaskets/washers for 3/4" Flange

Rubber gaskets/washers for" Bung (Plug)

Rubber gaskets/washers for 3/4" Bung (Plug)

Today, our products have created a separate niche with their functionality and durability in drum closure industries. We encourage a constant quality improvement of our products that has helped us immensely to satisfy our customers in the most unique way. It is perhaps due to these reasons that today whenever industries need rubber gaskets or rubber washers drum closure manufacturers in India they rely upon us.

We manufacture following types of rubber gaskets :
  • 2 ptfe gaskets
  • 3/4 ptfe gaskets
  • butterfly valve flange gaskets
  • cellular rubber gaskets
  • dense tubular nitrile gaskets
  • epdm flange gasket schutz
  • epdm gaskets for hdpe drums
  • epdm gaskets for ibc
  • fda gaskets for ibc
  • gaskets for 120 l plastic drums
  • gaskets for 200 l plastic drums
  • gaskets for ibc screw caps
  • gaskets for schutz drums
  • ibc lid gaskets
  • ibc valve gaskets
  • plastic drum gaskets
  • viton gaskets for ibc
  • pe gaskets
  • poly-irradiated gasket