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ABRIPL, Leading Rubber Expansion Joints Manufacturer in India 

ABRIPL is one of the leading rubber expansion joints manufacturers in Mumbai, India. Our core proficiency is manufacturing and design rubber expansion joints. We have skilled and experienced manufacturers who are experts in rubber expansion joints manufacturing.

Our rubber expansion joint is flexible fastener and connector that consists of synthetic or natural rubber fabric. They are majorly designed to relieve any mechanical stressors in piping systems.

Our rubber expansion joints are made of natural elastomers, synthetic elastomers, fluoroplastics, steel or nylon. They are the perfect solution for piping systems, power generation and many other industrial applications. Main features of a rubber expansion joint include a tube, cover, flanges, vacuum rings, a control rod, a carcass and gusset plates.

Our rubber expansion joints have several benefits including:

  • Holding parts together during thermal movements
  • Reduces vibration and noise between equipment
  • Improve thermal energy
  • Great shock resistance
  • Reliving piping stress
  • Prolongs the life of the piping system and the connected equipment
  • Can handle a couple of movements such as

    • Angular movements
    • Lateral movements
    • Axial compression
    • Axial elongation
    • Concurrent movements
We ensure our customers derive benefits from using rubber expansion joints. All our manufactured joints have been using the required standard specifications. Hence, safety is guaranteed.