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Amber Bush Rubber (Pvt) Ltd is one of the most renowned rubber products manufacturers in India. The teams at Amber are motivated to provide top-quality rubber products that are used in different industries. The company focuses in extruded and molded rubber products for industrial applications, automobile industries and many others. Numerous appliances in different heavy industries utilize these top-quality rubber products. One such product is the rubber expansion bellows that are widely used in pipelines, chemicals and other heavy industries like steel mills.

Types of Rubber Expansion Bellows:

There are different forms of rubber expansion bellows. Each of them is used for a specific purpose in different industries like steel mills, chemical industries and in pipeline manufacturing. The most common types of rubber expansion bellows are:
  1. Single Arch Expansion Bellows With Control Rod Assembly: the Insignificant Bore Dimensions are: 25 mm ( 1" ) to 1800 mm ( 72" )
  2. Multiple Arch Type Rubber Expansion Bellows: commonly these bellows are manufactured by combining two or more arches. This is done only for the sole purpose to put up grander movements, which can hardly be achieved using the single arch rubber expansion bellows.
  3. Floating Flange Spherical Type: this type of rubber expansion bellow is made from special weave fabric material for the sole purpose of reinforcement.
The most common of them is the floating flange spherical type, which is widely used to control mechanical and heat movements in pipelines and other duct control systems.

Structure of Rubber Expansion Bellows:

Rubber expansion joints are widely manufactured here in order to be used in making different machineries in industries like steel mills, chemical industries, and pipe manufacturers. The main purpose of using a rubber expansion bellow is to absorb any sort of motorized and heat movement in the vessel systems and pipelines. So, such sort of steam expansion bellows manufacturing is successfully achieved here at Amber Bush Rubber (Pvt), which is the largest bellows manufacturing suppliers in India. Following parts are involved in the manufacturing of a rubber expansion bellow:
  1. A Tube
  2. Rubber/Fabric Flange Integrated with Carcass
  3. Main Cover
  4. Fabric Reinforcement
  5. Metal reinforcement
  6. Tube
  7. Split Steel Retaining Ring

Perfect Laboratory Testing:

The rubber expansion joints made here at Amber Bush Rubber (Pvt) Ltd are fully tested in the laboratories and are made to meet the ISO 9001:2008 quality systems standards. The laboratory contains several testing machines and every product, including the rubber expansion bellows are tested under the supervision of expert teams in order to maintain the standard. Machines that are used to test the standardization include tensile and elongation testing machine, oscillations are checked by Reometer, space gravity stability, compression set testing equipment, weight scale capacity check, and developed chemical research workroom for analyzing raw supplies and finished products.

Economical Rates For Your Business:

At Amber Bush Rubber (Pvt) Ltd, we try our level best to provide you with quality rubber products and supplies at affordable prices in order to cut your prices down and grow your business involving rubber accessories, products, and equipment. This is a two-way handshake, not only for one-time purchase, but also for long and successful business cooperation.