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Amber Bush Rubber (Pvt) Ltd is a vibrant, professional producer of rubber products and items including the rubber extrusion systems, located in Chembur Colony, Mumbai. The company has been striving hard to provide quality rubber products locally and worldwide with outlines that are diverse and multidimensional at the same time. We try our level best to provide quality rubber extrusions that are duly tested in our laboratories equipped with latest testing equipment.

When it comes to the most quality rubber products makers, including the rubber extrusion manufacturers, Amber Bush Rubber (Pvt) Ltd somehow tops the list. It is the utmost priority of the quality teams at Amber Bush Rubber (Pvt) Ltd to strive hard in order to ensure quality rubber extrusion manufacturing in the company.

Our progressive and wide-ranged studies involved in manufacturing resulted in quality assured rubber products that are not only sold locally, but also to huge clients worldwide. As a result of years of knowledge and sheer hard work, we have developed some of the best rubber products under different categories. Under our extruded rubber products, we offer a wide range of the extrusion materials like Rubber Gaskets, Rubber Washers for Drum Closures, Rubber Sponge Cords, Pail Gaskets, and Rubber Tubes. In addition, we also offer Rubber Sleeves, Rubber Profiles with extruded profile shapes like D-, E-, H-, and U- channels, Rectangular Strips, Full Round Cord, Half Round Cord and many more, and the customer made extruded rubber products where our technical staff is ready to give supervisory suggestions and design models in any design. Under our Mouldings or you can simply say moulded products, we offer Rubber O-rings, Paddy De-husking, Rice Mill Rubber Roll and Polishers, Rubber Grommet along with caps and plugs, Rubber Bellows, Diaphragms, Buffers, Rubber Gaskets for Pressure Cookers, and Custom made Moulded Rubber Products. In addition, we also manufacture any rubber related product on demand, in order to provide you meet your business needs.

Here at Amber Bush Rubber (Pvt), we do not compromise on quality. Our rubber equipment and products are fully verified in the research laboratories and are made to meet the ISO 9001:2008 excellence structures criteria. The laboratory contains several testing machines and every product, including the rubber expansion bellows are tested under the administration of skillful squads with the purpose of maintaining the same standard. Machineries, equipment, tools and all other manufactured products and items are tested for the regularization.

Our business philosophy is simple: We try our level best to provide quality rubber products that meet the ISO 9001:2008 quality standards. In addition, we test each and every product that we make, in our research laboratories that are equipped with latest and state-of-the-art equipment. Therefore, for us, maintaining a quality standard is not a hard task to perform. If it is about your business strength and growth, we will be obliged to serve you at our best, so you will grow at your best.

Our factory is situated at Chembur Colony, Mumbai, and can easily be accessed. Have you any questions, queries, and suggestions then feel free to contact us.