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Amber provides a variety of custom extruded rubber product parts including rubber gaskets, seals, bumpers and a variety of other applications. We can supply custom extruded profiles in a variety of shapes and lengths with a rubber compound specifically designed to meet your requirements. We supply prototype extrusions as well as high volume production.

Rubber Gaskets/Rubber Washers for Drum Closures

Rubber Gaskets/Rubber Washers for Flanges & Bungs in Metal/Plastic Drum Closures are manufactured in all types of Synthetic Rubber such as Nitrile (NBR), EPDM, Neoprene, Silicon, Viton, Teflon(PTFE).
Rubber Gaskets for Drum Closures   Rubber Gasket Black

Rubber Sponge Cords & Pail Gaskets

Rubber Sponge Cords & Pail Gaskets for Open Top Metal/Plastic Drums, Metal Locking Rings for Metal Drums. Mainly made in EPDM Rubber for Food Grade applications.
Rubber Sponge Cords White   Rubber Sponge cord Black

Rubber Tubes & Sleeves

Rubber Tubes & Sleeves for Automobile Industries having good resistance property to Heat, Oil, Ozone, Grease mainly made in NBR, EPDM, Silicon & Viton.
Rubber Tubes   Rubber Sleeves

Rubber Profiles (Extruded Profile Shapes)

Extruded Rubber Profiles . D-, E-, H- and U-Channels
. I-, L-, P- and T-Shaped Strips
. Full Round Cord
. Half Round Cord
. Square Strips
. Rectangular Strips
. Mandrel Shaped Hoses, Elbows and Assemblies

Custom Made Extruded Rubber Products

Extrusions can be manufactured to customers own design, our technical staff will be pleased to give assistance in any design and choice of rubber compound.