Abripl- One of the Best Manufacturers of Rubber Products in India


We have been a leader in RUBBER manufacturing since 1984. And, though the modern rubber manufacturing market in India is getting more and more competitive with each passing day, we are only growing over time.

Our presence in India has grown manifolds in terms of capacity; we are also acquiring some new technological development to increase the volume and expand further.

Apart from world-class rubber manufacturers in India, what makes us unique is our constant ability to innovate. On the key efficiency parameters, we rank right up there with the best of rubber companies in the industry.

Our manufacturing unit is located close to the source of raw materials, to keep our freight and transport costs low, giving it an edge over competition.

We are the only single unit rubber manufacturer to successfully market our specialized Drum & IBC gaskets brands at prices on par to fulfill the requirement of global packaging leaders.

Our brands enjoy a very high recall among consumers and influencers while our relationships with our customers are very strong.

Our USP is innovative, which has given us a leadership position in niche. Our vision which balanced the changing needs with our corporate imperatives.

We aspire to create an organization that will continue to lead and strive to meet the expectations of its group employees and the customers for generations to come.