Rubber Expansion Joint - Know Various Things about Them

As far as rubber expansion joints are concerned there are three major kinds of the same – flexible rubber connectors, rubber joints with floating flanges, and rubber joints with fixed flanges. The flexible rubber connectors are capable of providing angular movement to the extent of 30 degrees. They are capable of solving the problems that you normally get with small bore piping systems such as ones related to alignment and thermal expansion. They have noise and vibration related issues as well. This leads to the pipes being pre-stressed and they are highly vulnerable to premature failures. These products come with joints that are highly flexible and have screwed ends and this is how they can solve the issues as well.

They are normally used in buildings, HVAC, plumbing equipment, piping systems that are used in private residences as well as industrial plants. Apart from that, they are also used in the following:

--> Air Conditioning Systems

--> Pump-suction and discharge

--> Chemical lines

--> Refrigeration lines

--> Circulating water lines

--> Swimming pools

--> Compressor lines

--> Solar technologies

--> Pipelines

--> Water & waste treatment plants

--> Paper stock lines

They are also used in a wide range of marine installations as well.

Rubber joints with floating flanges

You can easily buy these products from the top rubber expansion joint manufacturers. One of the most prominent types of such joints is a double sphere joint. They are used just the same way as the single sphere joints are used. However, their shape is unique and they happen to be longer as well. This allows them to provide greater compression, lateral movement, elongation, and angular movement. This restricts water hammer, dampens hydraulic shock and surge in all kinds of systems, and also increases noise suppression. They are built in such a way that they have the elastic properties that you normally get with rubber and the fabric reinforcement that you get with nylon cord.

They also contain steel floating flanges that make your pipe joint a flexible one. The sealing of these surfaces also provides a seal that is gas-tight and fluid at the same time. As far as being used as pump connectors is concerned they are great options indeed. In fact, they are used the most on a global scale in order to safeguard pumps. They offer the finest combination of pressure, movement, and temperature. They are highly resilient as well.

Rubber joints with fixed flanges

These products are sold by all the leading rubber expansion joint manufacturers. These can be described as a spool type expansion joint. They are made from nylon cord fabric that is highly strong, and elastomer. This is further strengthened by metal wires and rings. As far as the bodies of these products are concerned these full faced flanges are highly integral to the same. They also have retaining rings that are made from split steel, which happens to be drilled as per certain standards. The sealing surfaces of these products are built in such a way that gaskets are not needed.