Highly Durable Gaskets For Leak Proof Joints

Among the basic elements to ensure that joints are leak proof, is a gasket which can be defined as a material of combination of various materials which are clamped between separate members of joint which produce the weakest links of the joint. These gaskets create a static seal between two stationary members of the assembly and its material fits into the imperfections between surfaces to maintain a tight seal when the machine is operating. The gasket should be chosen in such a manner that it is able to maintain its seal even under extreme changes in temperature and pressure.

Gaskets are made from various flexible materials such as rubber, fiberglass, cork, plastic polymers etc. And one of the most efficient way of making a gasket is with the process of die cutting, which basically works like a cookie cutter to make the gasket in appropriate shape.

Amber Group of Companies brings you the list of durable gaskets which can be used for various applications:

1.Neoprene - These gaskets can be easily compressed and are an excellent option for sealing the refrigeration fluids. These gaskets are further divided in three categories - homogenous, sponge and diaphragm. While neoprene gaskets are moderately resistant to petroleum products, they offer good resistance to weathering and ozone.

2.Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer - EPDM is known for offering excellent resistance to ozone, weathering, UV rays, oil and grease. These gaskets are generally used in outside applications and are available in two durometers.

3.Nitrile - Among the most widely used material, nitrile gaskets are resistant to petroleum products, animal fats with superior abrasion and tear resistance. The material is supremely used in automotive applications, and is sometimes present in certain food processing equipment as well.

4.Silicone - Used mostly in the automotive industry, silicone is highly resistance to ozone, oxygen and ultraviolet light. It is also good for using in electrical insulation and electrical applications. Since, it can withstand large amounts of pressure it is also used in areas with more physical stress.

5.Santoprenes - It is known to combine flexibility with low compression. Being a thermoplastic elastomer with high performance, it is extremely versatile and perfect for automotive applications.

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